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Why carry out an IP audit?
IP audits are extremely useful for identifying what really is valuable in a business. We can identify these and help you optimise them through our IP audit programme, just as the audits pre-Y2K made businesses aware of the software they actually had.

An IP audit:
- would enable you to identify and anticipate potential problems with IP;
- would help you to incorporate new IP rights into your business;
- efficient risk management of your IP portfolio would maximise its value and security;
- an IP environment with enforceable protection would help deter possible infringement;
- the risks of infringing the IP rights of other businesses can be kept to a minimum.

With an efficient control system, new products are more likely to be marketed within time and financial constraints.

How do we carry out an IP audit?
Firstly, we meet you to gather information about your business, the existing controls for IP rights and their perceived importance and how efficiently your risk management system works. We then report on your firm's business environment, the market for your products and how they function in competition, and the way in which exploitation of IP works in your field of business.

We then identify your major areas of risk and recommend a course of action to minimise these, providing the technical and legal expertise to effect it. We can also help with insurance cover.