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Berry Holding-Parsons has had 25 years experience of the London insurance market.  He advises insurers, brokers and insureds on all aspects of insurance law, including claims handling, brokers, reinsurance, policy drafting and IT.

Computerisation of Insurance.
He is one of the few lawyers who specialise in both insurance and IT law. As such, he is well placed to advise on the computerisation of insurance and on IT policies. He first spoke on e-commerce in the London insurance market in 1996 and has followed developments ever since.

Among other work, he has advised on the legal aspects of various insurance websites.  If business is done through computers in the same way as it is on paper, the legal results should be the same.  However, computerisation usually changes how business is done, so there will inevitably be changes in the legal risks, which must be analysed.

Not all these changes in risk are negative.  For example, insurance through a website allows the insured or his broker to download the policy before inception.  This avoids disputes where claims have arisen before the final wording of the policy has been delivered. 

Claims Handling
He has handled many claims, direct and reinsurance, including the defence of computer consultants.

In 2000/1, he was editor of e-insurance, a magazine published by Lloyds of London Press.